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A few A names from our list to start out with

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My wife and I have been going through the ABC’s picking out the names we like and so forth.. here are some of the A names we have on our list and the reasoning behind the names. Any suggestion’s on names would be helpful to, either other middle names along with the first names or mixing and matching with the other middle names. (but first names stay the same)


  1. Abbott Josiah Lee – Lee is a family name.
  2. Abbott Thomas Crane – Thomas after my wife’s brother, and Crane is a family last name.
  3. Abernathy Damien Kent
  4. Abernathy Joseph Kent – Joseph is my brothers middle name.
  5. Abner Titus Knight
  6. Acton Todd Spencer – Todd after my cousin.
  7. Adkyn Shawn Nash – Shawn after my brother.
  8. Adkyn William Richard (Ree-shard) – William after my brother, Richard after my old teammate.
  9. Adrian Joseph Elliott – Joseph is one of my brothers middle names.
  10. Afton Snyder Matthew – Matthew is my brothers name, Snyder is cousins last name.
  11. Aiken Thaddeus Lewis – Thaddeus is after my brother Tad, mom and dad had decided to call him Thaddeus until mom’s brother Rick died a few months before Tad and his twin sister was born, and then they decided to call my brother Tadrick, to honor her brother and to carry on what they would have called him anyway as Thaddeus.
  12. Aikman Conrad Brady
  13. Ajay (pronounced as AJ) Caine Mallett – My wife’s cousin’s last name was Mallett and that is what he went by, and his initinals was AC so we decided to do the AC Mallett thing.
  14. Akridge Daniel James – James after myself. Daniel after one of my cousins.
  15. Alden Jacob Brody – Jacob is one of my brothers names.
  16. Aleczander Kade Madden – Aleczander is a family spelling of the name Alexander, and Madden is a friend’s last name.
  17. Alois Vaughan Kincaid – Vaughan is my cousin’s last names.
  18. Alonzo Wallace Braddock – Wallace is my grandma’s maiden name.
  19. Alves Holden Carter – Holden is my cousins name, and Alves is a friends last name.
  20. Alvin Layne Todd – Todd is my cousin’s name, and Layne was a friend of mine.
  21. Americus Randall Norman
  22. Anderson Simeon Bryce – Bryce is one of my brother’s middle names. Also Anderson is a friend’s last name
  23. Angelo James Kahne – James is one of my middle names, and Kahne is after race car driver Kasey Kahne.
  24. Anson Michael Owen – Owen as a good friend’s name.
  25. Antonio Kavi Stephen – Antonio is one of my brother’s nickname, and one of my brothers said the name Kavi one day and I liked it, also Stephen is my other middle name.
  26. Apollo Henry William – Henry and William are both family names.
  27. Apollon William Henry – same as the above name.
  28. Apollos Paxton David – David after my brother.
  29. Archer Jason Zachary – Jason and Zachary both were friends names that died back in Nov. and Archer is one of my brother’s wife’s maiden name.
  30. Aric Randall Brett – Randall is a friend’s name, Brett also is a friends name.
  31. Arisen Scott Terry – Terry is one of my friend’s names, he was also my teammate this past season. (hockey)
  32. Armstrong Broderick Jett – Armstrong is a friend’s last name.
  33. Arnold Jacob Cash – Jacob is after my brother.
  34. Asher Lucas Bryan – Lucas is a family name, but didn’t realize it until was just looking at it but could be mistaken for country singer Luke Bryan.
  35. Ashwyn Liam Vega – Vega is a family last name.
  36. Atticus Ryan Jesse – Ryan is one of my brothers names, Jesse is my wife’s great grandpa’s name.
  37. August Tico Brooks
  38. Augustyn Camden Stone – Stone was a friend’s name back in high school
  39. Austin Steven Malachi – Steve was my fathers name, so Steven a form of that.
  40. Avery Joseph Reece – Joseph is one of my brother’s middle names.
  41. Ayers Milton Geoffrey
  42. Ayton Titus Derek


  1. Abigail Marissa Hope – My sister in law’s name is Marissa.
  2. Acelin Megan Joy –
  3. Adanya Robin Nicole – Robin is my sisters name.
  4. Addison Peyton Bailey
  5. Adelynn Julia Grace – Julia after my twin aunts Julie and Julia.
  6. Adrienne Savannah Caleigh
  7. Ainsleigh Loren Elizabeth – Elisabeth was my mom’s name
  8. Ainsleigh Jaden Elisabeth – Elisasbeth was my mom’s name
  9. Alayna Riley Summer – My brother is married to an Alannah
  10. Aleisha Victoria Kolby
  11. Allyse Teresa Julie – One of my aunt’s names is Julie (she has a twin sister Julia)
  12. Almyra Lynette Elisabeth – My mom’s name was Elisabeth.
  13. Amanda Blake Louise
  14. Amanda Blake Kern
  15. Ambrielle Lauren Judith – Judith from my aunt’s Julie and Julia
  16. Ambrynn Riley Elisabeth – My mom’s name was Elisabeth (she died when I was 10)
  17. Amity Robin Sylvia – I have a sister named Robin.
  18. Amparo Phyllis Lauren
  19. Anderson Sydney Noelle – Anderson is a friend of ours last name.
  20. Angelita Parker Skye – Parker is after my great grandpa.
  21. Angelyn Makayla Hope
  22. Anson Presley Nicole
  23. Ariel Miranda Rose
  24. Ariella Bethany Ryan – Ryan is one of my brother’s middle names.
  25. Ashlyn Sarah Danielle
  26. Asya Vivian Skye (Asya is pronounced like Asa)
  27. Austyn Ruby Kaylah
  28. Avani Gabrielle Jade
  29. Avery Josephine Reese – Joseph is one of my brother’s middle names.
  30. Ayasha Chastity Juliana – Juliana after my aunts Julie and Julia.
  31. Aysun Samantha Erin – Samantha is one of my sisters names, and Erin is one of my brother’s fiancee’s name.


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Hello everyone created my new blog here, so will begin soon adding the list of names, and adding names for possible commenting on.