B names on our list.

My wife and I have been looking through our list of names, coming up with middle names as far as B names here is what we have.


  1. Barrett Matthew Gregory – Matthew is my brothers name, and Gregory is my cousins name.
  2. Bates Lucas Everett
  3. Batista Lance Markus –Batista is one of my uncles middle names
  4. Battaglia Justin Brooks
  5. Becker Zachariah Russell – Zachariah after my friend Zach
  6. Beckham Ryan Ingo –Ingo after a buddy of mine
  7. Benoit Jonathon Kennedy – Jonathon is my twin brothers name, and Kennedy is my wife’s dad’s middle name
  8. Benvolio Hector Milos
  9. Benvolio Walter Luis
  10. Berkley Luther Steve –Berkley is my grandpa’s name, Steve was my dad’s name
  11. Berlin Richard Goran – Richard is pronounced Ree-Shard,Berlin after I spent a few years there with the army and liked it there, and Goran is a friends last name, same with Richard
  12. Bijay (pronounced BJ) Leon Thomas
  13. Bishop Simon Leonardo
  14. Blade Jacob Carlos – Jacob after my brother
  15. Blaine William Matthew – William & Matthew after my brothers
  16. Blaise Orion Miles
  17. Blake Cassius Lee – Lee’s a family name
  18. Blaze Kenyon Matthew – Matthew is my brothers name.
  19. Bond William Jacob –Jacob & William after my brothers
  20. Booker Miles Gregory – Gregory after my cousin.
  21. Boone Gabriel Timothy –Boone is a family name, Gabriel after a friend.
  22. Borden Jamison Sean – Borden after a friend, Jamison after me.
  23. Boston Garrett Ridge – Ridge is after a family member.
  24. Bourne Casey Griffin – Griffin is a family last name.
  25. Boyd Asa Geoffrey –Asa is a family name
  26. Boyden Jared Lex
  27. Braddock Wilson Conner
  28. Bradford Lance Jeremiah
  29. Brayan Parker Hurst – Brayan is a name we both like, Hurst is a friends last name.
  30. Brett Jameson Lee – Brett is a friends name, Jameson comes from my middle name James, and Lee is a family name.
  31. Bretton Hayden Carter
  32. Broden Wesley Knight
  33. Broderick Pierce Cody – Pierce is a family name.
  34. Brody Lawson Jesse – Lawson is 2 of my friend’s last names, and Jesse is my wife’s great grandpa’s name.
  35. Bronson Zachariah Elliott –Zachariah a form of my friend Zach’s name.
  36. Brookson Logan Kerry – Kerry is my cousins name.
  37. Bruce Christian Parker
  38. Brycen Lee Cruz – Lee is a family name. Cruz is also a family last name.
  39. Buchanan Stewart Edward –Buchanan is also a family last name, nn’s could be Buck or Bucky, same with Buckingham.
  40. Buckingham Elijah Charles – Buckingham is a family last name.
  41. Burton Henry Thomas – Burton is a friends last name, Henry is a family name.


  1. Bellerose Marina Nadine –I have always loved the name Marina and an aunts name is Nadine
  2. Bentley Alexandria Jade
  3. Berlyn Sonia Carmen – as far as Berlin or Berlyn, I spent a few years in Berlin with the army and loved it there, and Sonia is an aunts name.
  4. Bethany Kaylyn Margaret – Margaret is my wife’s aunts name.
  5. Beverley Morgan Alexa – Beverley is my sisters name.
  6. Bianca Sueellen Christine
  7. Billie Rebecca Anne – Billy is my brothers name.
  8. Blayne Lila Jewel
  9. Brady Noelle Elisabeth – Elisabeth was my mom’s name. She always went by Lisa.
  10. Braelyn Carey Melissa
  11. Brandelyn Stephanie Alexandria – Stephanie is my wife’s name.
  12. Brinley Lauren Stella
  13. Britton Olivia Hope
  14. Brodie Robin Jayde – Robin is my sisters name.
  15. Brodie Kaitlyn Alissa
  16. Brycelyn Desiree Kerry – Kerry is a cousins name.
  17. Bricelyn Desiree Kerry- Kerry is a cousins name.

6 Responses to “B names on our list.”

  1. Brandelyn Stephanie Alexandria Says:


  2. For a boy my first choice would be Broden Wesley Knight..good tough name.

    For a girl…Berlyn Sonia Carmen really pretty name

  3. neschria Says:

    Bellerose Marina Nadine is my favorite of the girls.

    Barrett Matthew Gregory, Becker Zachariah Russell, Bishop Simon Leonardo, Booker Miles Gregory, and Boone Gabriel Timothy are all cool names for boys. If I were pushed to pick one, I’d probably go with Booker.

  4. I like these,

    Blade Jacob Carlos
    Blaise Orion Miles-this is awesome

    Bellerose Marina Nadine

  5. Brody Lawson Jesse is the name on the list I liked best ….personal would be a mix, Brody William Logan

    Billie Rebecca Anne for a girl, is by far the stand out name

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