C names on list

We have our last full list of names finished at the moment, so here goes our names starting with a C.


  1. Cade Matthew Jacob -Matthew and Jacob are two of my brothers names.
  2. Cade Allen James – Allen was one of my brothers names and James after myself.
  3. Caden Walker Cordell – Cordell is one of my brothers middle names.
  4. Cagney Ezra Kendrick –Kendrick is my biological fathers last name.
  5. Caine Simeon Patrick –Patrick is my step-fathers name.
  6. Caleb Silas Brody
  7. Calhoun Remus Tate –Tate is my bosses middle name.
  8. Callahan Raphael Blake
  9. Callaway Owen Malone –All 3 are after friends.
  10. Calvin Joseph Milo – Calvin is my uncles name, and Joseph is my brothers middle name.
  11. Cameron Irvine Kendrick – Cameron is my brothers name, Irvine is one of my brothers last names (half brother), and Kendrick is my biological fathers last name.
  12. Cannon Nicholas Ambrose – Nicolas is a cousins name.
  13. Cannon Justin Elliott
  14. Carey Lyndon Blaze
  15. Carlos Henry Mordecai
  16. Carmichael Lysander Adkins – Adkins an old family last name.
  17. Carrington Thomas Blaze – Carrington a friends last name and Thomas is one of my wife’s brothers name.
  18. Carson Orlando Moore – Moore is one of my brothers middle names.
  19. Carter Gabriel Heath – Gabriel is after a friend of mine, that died back in Nov.
  20. Casey Jonathon Patrick –Jonathon is one of my brothers name, Patrick is my step-fathers name.
  21. Cash Damien Patrick –Patrick is my step-fathers name.
  22. Cassian Alexander Stephen – Stephen after me.
  23. Cassidy Miles Owen – Owen is a friends name.
  24. Cassius Jaxon Oliver
  25. Cayetano (Kie-e-TAH-no) Elliott Werner – Werner is a family name.
  26. Cedric James Edmund – James after me.
  27. Chad Jonathon Mikhail – Mikhail is one of my cousins middle names, and Jonathon is my brothers name.
  28. Chad Hunter Mikhail – Mikhail is my cousins middle name.
  29. Chandler William Brian – Chandler is a friends last name, William and Brian are two of my brothers names.
  30. Charleston Levi Wayne – Wayne is my uncles name.
  31. Chase Ethan Wade
  32. Chasen Andrew Gary – Andrew after me.
  33. Chayton Matthew James – Matthew after one of my brothers, and James after me.
  34. Cheveyo Kenneth Patrick –Patrick is my step-fathers name.
  35. Chogan Richard (Ree-Shard) Daniel – Richard (Ree-Shard) was one of my teammates last names.
  36. Chogan Gabriel Richard (Ree-Shard) –Richard (Ree-Shard) was one of my teammates last names.
  37. Chryses Jacob Mason – Jacob and Mason are two of mybrothers names.
  38. Chrystopher Elliott Dale – Dale is a good friends name, and Christopher is my brothers name.
  39. Churchill William Nigel – William is my brothers name.
  40. Churchyll William Nigel –William is my brothers name.
  41. Clark Manton Garrett – Manton was my wife’s twin brothers middle name (he died at birth).
  42. Clarke Logan Thomas – Thomas is my wifes brothers name.
  43. Claudius Paxton Jacob- Jacob is one of my brothers name.
  44. Clayton Andrew Thomas – Andrew after me,Thomas is my wifes brothers name.
  45. Clemens Ambrose Milo
  46. Clement Geoffrey Lambert – Clement and Lambert are friends last names.
  47. Clifton Robert Brandon
  48. Clinton Owen Robert – Owen is a friends name.
  49. Clyde Andrew Stanley – Andrew after me, Stanley was a cousin’s name (he died in iraq.)
  50. Coby Wayne Taylor – Wayne after my uncle.
  51. Cody Asher Jacob – Jacob is my brothers name.
  52. Cohen Alexander Damien
  53. Coleman Lucas Hudson – Hudson is a family last name.
  54. Collin Andrew Clark- Andrew after me.
  55. Colson Antonio David – Andrew after me, David after my brother.
  56. Colton Benjamin Stetson – Stetson a friends name, Benjamin was one of my teammates/friends name.
  57. Coltrane Nash Grisham – Grisham & Nash are family names.
  58. Connor Michael Robert – Michael my brothers middle name.
  59. Conrad Damien Thomas – Thomas  my wife’s brothers name.
  60. Consuelo Bradley Watkins – Watkins is a family name, Bradley is one of my cousins names.
  61. Conway Matthew Patrick – Matthew after my brother, Patrick after my step father.
  62. Conway Raymond Richard (Ree-Shard) – Raymond after a friend, Richard after teammate/friend.
  63. Cooper Barrett Trey
  64. Copeland Andrew Lee – Copeland is my brothers last name (half brother), Andrew after me.
  65. Cordell Jonathon Michael – Cordell after my brother’s middle name, Jonathon after my brothers name.
  66. Cordero Morgan Alexander
  67. Corey Lorenzo Gabriel – Lorenzo is a family name, and Gabriel is after a friend of mine that died in Nov.
  68. Cortez Alexander Stephen – Stephen after me.
  69. Cosmo Maurice Gilbert
  70. Cramer Jonathon Cylas – Jonathon after, my brother, Cylas is a family name and spelling.
  71. Crossley Matthias Arche
  72. Cylas Robert Moore – Moore my brothers middle name, Cylas is a family spelling & name.
  73. Cyrus Moore David Owen – Moore is my brothers middle name. David is my brothers name, and Owen is after a friend.


  1. Cadee Shawna Elisabeth – Shawna is one of my sisters names, and Elisabeth was my mom’s name.
  2. Calla Robin Alexis – Robin is my sisters name.
  3. Callaway Brooklyn Evin – Callaway is a friends last name.
  4. Camille Lyndsey Jacqueline
  5. Camryn Alyssa Riley
  6. Candyce Layla Brooke
  7. Cara Natalie Anne – Natalie is one of my brother’s wife.
  8. Caralisa Harley Brienne – Harley is one of my brothers names.
  9. Caralyn Justice Damiane
  10. Carlotta Julia Faith – Carlotta after my great aunt, and Julia after one of my aunts.
  11. Carrie Josephine Nicolette
  12. Carson Riley McKenna
  13. Carsyn Riley McKenna
  14. Cary Frances Anne
  15. Casey Robyn Helena – Robin is one of my sisters name, and Helena is one of my great aunts name.
  16. Cassidy Shaniya Paige
  17. Catherine Aubrey Martina
  18. Caycee Rebecca Anne
  19. Caycey Rebecca Anne
  20. Cayla Austyn Maison – Mason is one of my brothers name.
  21. Chandra Elisabeth Magdalena – Elisabeth after my mom.
  22. Channing Alexandra Sydney
  23. Charity Patricia Louise – Louise is my grandmothers name.
  24. Chastity Ebony Joy
  25. Cherilyn Marie Elisabeth – Marie is my wife’s middle name, and Elisabeth after my mother.
  26. Chesley Ella Glynn – Glynn is after my uncle Glenn.
  27. Chesney Ariel Kate
  28. Christelle Ayden Sheree
  29. Chryseis Gabrielle Josephine – Joseph is one of my brothers middle names.
  30. Cindy Fiona Sue
  31. Claudia Nicolette Aimee
  32. Codee Frances Elizabeth – Elisabeth was my mom’s name.
  33. Consuela Elisabeth Belle – Elisabeth was my mom’s name.
  34. Copeland Elizabeth Faith – Elisabeth was my mom’s name, Copeland is one of my brothers last name (half brother).
  35. Cora Juliana Gabrielle – Juliana after my aunts Julia & Julie.
  36. Cordelia Pamela Marie – Marie after my wife’s middle name.
  37. Corie Helena Nicolette – Helena after my great aunt.
  38. Courtney Leah Belle
  39. Cynthia Rosamund Beatrix

7 Responses to “C names on list”

  1. neschria Says:

    Cyrus Moore David Owen rocks my socks. I am also fond of Cedric James Edmund (for sounding crisp and classic) and Callahan Raphael Blake (for cool factor).

    Callaway Brooklyn Evin is both modern and unusual. I like it. Cara Natalie Anne sounds nice and sweet, but not weak. Catherine Aubrey Martina is really nice, too.

  2. Male Names:-
    1. Cooper Barrett Trey ( I really like Trey and I think Cooper is a nice name also)
    2. Chandler William Brian

    Female Names:-
    1. Cassidy Shaniya Paige ( I like Cassidy)
    2. Carlotta Julia Faith (Carlotta – sounds modern but is olde worldish– lol)

    But my favourite name over all would have to be ‘Trey’ lol

  3. I like Claudia Nicolette, Clemens Ambrose Milo and Cassian. Some very nice names.

    Why not try Celia or Cylie, Kylie with a more upbeat spelling. Greeneyedmom’s daughter is a Kylie 🙂

  4. Top 5 for guys

    Caleb Silas Brody
    Chase Ethan Wade
    Chrystopher Elliott Dale
    Clarke Logan Thomas
    Cohen Alexander Damien

    Top 5 for girls

    Camille Lyndsey Jacqueline
    Cara Natalie Anne
    Caralyn Justice Damiane
    Carlotta Julia Faith
    Carrie Josephine Nicolette

  5. These are definitely the stand outs for me,

    Cosmo Maurice Gilbert
    Clemens Ambrose Milo
    Conrad Damien Thomas
    Cedric James Edmund

    Consuela Elisabeth Belle
    Cynthia Rosamund Beatrix
    Chandra Elisabeth Magdalena
    Chryseis Gabrielle Josephine
    Cora Juliana Gabrielle

  6. Gee the boys name that stand out for me is Chandler William Brian….sounds classy and unique. Also fond of Copeland Andrew Lee and Chase Ethan Wade. As for the girls names Carson Riley McKenna is the one what really stands out for me. Other names I like are Channing Alexandra Sydney and Chesney Ariel Kate. All of the names sound classy and have a uniqueness about them

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